Handi Quilter II

Quilter Frame for
Home Quilting Machines

The Handi Quilter II quilting frame, designed to be used with home quilting machines, can turn your sewing machine into a professional type powerhouse.

In fact, with this frame, you can machine quilt very large projects, even king-size bed quilts!

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If you stitch a lot of machine quilting projects, you may just find the Handi Quilter II to be a great investment, saving you time and effort.

A Handi Quilter II frame can make machine quilting easy!

Handi Quilter II machine quilting frame


How the Handi Quilter II Works

This machine quilting accessory has a simple design that keeps your quilts flat in place, while your sewing machine rides back and forth along a mounted track beneath the Handi Quilter II frame. The frame and carriage system mount to an 8 or 10 foot work table.

If you stitch a lot of machine quilting projects, you may just find the Handi Quilter II to be a great investment, saving you time and effort.

Handy Machine Quilting

The Handi Quilter II frame is is made of aluminum and Lexan plastic and is lightweight and balanced.

Lightweight, adjustable poles secure your quilt project with sturdy hook and loop tape. Platforms on which your machine rests, slide along the length of the table, moving your machine instead of your quilt.

The Handi Quilter IIfeatures a dual-carriage assembly. It features one platform that rides along the length of the Handi Quilter on a plastic track mounted to the worktable, and another platform that slides in and out on tracks mounted to the lower platform.

As your sewing machine follows its stitch patterns, the platforms allow the machine to slide through even the most complicated stitch pattern.

Heavy-duty quilters like this accessory because it behaves like a professional long-arm quilting machine, but it costs only a fraction of the price. The Handi Quilter II actually converts home quilting machines into professional quilting assemblies.

If you have been sending your machine quilts out to a long-arm machine quilter, you could save hundreds of dollars, by using this machine-quilting frame!

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Drawbacks to the Handi Quilter II

The throat size of your sewing machine is still important, and, if you don’t have a machine with a large throat space, the Handi Quilter II can’t overcome this handicap. Wide topstitch patterns may be limited by the throat of your machine.

Quilting frames require a good bit of workspace to function properly, so be sure you have the room, and a good solid work table for mounting your Handi Quilter II.

There are good reasons to use a quilting frame. You can damage your projects by stuffing them through your sewing machine, and the Handi Quilter II makes quilting so much easier than traditional machine quilting.

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