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Is comparing sewing machines making your head spin? Modern machines have many features and accessories that can be confusing to beginner sewers--and even to old timers who learned to sew on simple mechanical machines!

Just learning the names of things and what they do, can be a real learning curve for most of us. And then, trying to decide which sewing machine model is best for you, can be downright overwhelming!

That’s partly why I started this website. To help simplify the buying process for you.

You’ll find reviews for many of the most popular machines in the next section:

Reviews by Brand

Bernina Sewing Machine
Brother Sewing Machine
Elna Sewing Machines

White Sewing Machines
Viking Sewing Machine
Husqvarna Viking
Janome Sewing Machines

Kenmore Sewing Machines
Pfaff Sewing Machines
Singer Sewing Machine Company

Entry Level Machine Reviews

Entry Level Machine
Entry Level Machine
Childrens Sewing Machines
Childrens Machines
Hand Held Sewing Machine
Hand Held Machines

Mini Sewing Machine
Mini Machine

Reviews by Machine Type

Computerized Sewing Machines
Computerized Machines
Embroidery Sewing Machine
Embroidery Machines
Understanding Sergers

Quilting Machines
Quilting Machines
Refurbished Sewing Machines
Refurbished Machines
Used Sewing Machines
Used Machines

Start a Sewing Business

But, that’s not the whole story about why I started this website. Many of you have written to me, asking for ideas and tips on how to earn money sewing. Here are some possibilities:

Quilt Shop Startup Business
Quilt Shop Startup Business
Sewing Machine Repairs
Sew Machine Repairs
Home Based Crafts Business
Home Based Crafts Business

Home Embroidery Business
Home Embroidery Business
Home Party Business
Your Own Home Party Business
Machine Quilting Business
Machine Quilting Business

Wedding Dress Alterations
Wedding Dress Alterations

Simple Sewing Projects

In addition, I’ve included some easy sewing projects that can be completed in a short amount of time.

Even if you are an experienced sewer, you’ll enjoy making these quick and easy projects that can be used as gifts if you are pressed for time—or as quick projects for your new home business.

Simple Projects to Make

Learn to Sew Books
Learn to Sew Books
Simple Sewing Projects
Simple Sewing Projects
Sewing Videos
Sewing Videos

Sewing Necessities

Of course you can't complete a project without purchasing a few supplies or notions. And I've worked to help you here, as well.

This part was fun--I went shopping and chose the best quality notions and accessories that I could find. They were also the best value, or the best price and the items that had the most consistently good reviews by others who have purchased and used them.

I think you'll agree that I found some pretty cool items!

Sewing Supplies and Accessories

Sewing Accessories
Sewing Accessories
Sewing Room Design
Sewing Room Design
Sewing Notions
Sewing Notions

Top of Best Sewing Machines Reviewed Page

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What's New at The Sewing Machines Blog?
The Sewing Machines Blog keeps you up-to-date with all the new additions and changes to the website.
Easy Ways to Make Money Sewing | Start Business Ideas
Looking for easy ways to make money from home? If you love to sew, quilt or embroider, why not turn your hobby into a small business that will give you an income while you sew?
Sewing Accessories that Make Sewing Fun
Sewing accessories can make sewing easier and more enjoyable. They can help you organize your sewing space, make your machine portable and help you be a more successful sewer.
Sewing Notions
Sewing notions are the gadgets and supplies that make it possible for you to sew. Many are very simple, like pins and scissors, and others are more innovative and slick.
Learn to Sew Books
Using learn to sew books is a great way to get started sewing, quilting or doing machine embroidery. Even when you become more accomplished, you will find yourself referring to your sewing books.
Sewing Videos | Tutorials for Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery
These sewing videos will help speed up your learning process when you are new to the techniques of sewing, quilting or embroidery.
Simple Sewing Projects for Beginners and Beyond
These simple sewing projects are suitable for beginners and more experienced sewers alike. You can make them for yourself or as a last minute gift for someone else.
Bernina Sewing Machine Reviews
The Bernina sewing machine, Swiss built, with a legacy of quality, remains one of the leaders in well-built sewing machines.
Brother Sewing Machine
A Brother sewing machine, like those reviewed here, often has features seen in high end models, but with an economical price tag.
Elna Sewing Machines with Swiss Precision
Swiss made Elna sewing machines have the precision of a Swiss clock, and Elna has earned its reputation among sewing manufacturers since its beginning in 1940.
Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine
The first Viking sewing machine was made in 1872 when Husqvarna, who had been making rifles, needed to find a new product line to manufacture. Thus begins the Husqvarna sewing machine history.
Janome Sewing Machines are Known for Quality
Janome sewing machines, formerly made by the New Home Company, are known for being top quality and for their cutting edge technology.
Sears Kenmore Sewing Machines
Kenmore sewing machines, perhaps in part due to the Sears Kenmore name, remain some of the most popular sewing machines on the market.
Pfaff Sewing Machines
German made Pfaff sewing machines, have been manufactured for 146 years, and they are noted for their technical refinements and precision.
Singer Sewing Machines
Singer sewing machines, are made by the Singer Company, which was founded by Isaac Singer and was synonymous with sewing for years.
White Sewing Machines
White sewing machines came into existence, in 1858, when Thomas White started making small, hand operated, single thread sewing machines, in a machine shop in Templeton, Massachusetts.
Computerized Sewing Machines Take Sewing to the Next Level!
Computerized sewing machines take sewing to the next level! Having one of these computerized machines is like having a friend sitting next to you. They do everything but hold your hand...
Embroidery Sewing Machine Tips and Reviews
Buying an embroidery sewing machine? Making a decision about which machine is the best embroidery machine for you can be a time-consuming, stressful affair!
Your First Sewing Machine | Entry Level Sewing Machines
Your first sewing machine, whether you are an adult or a child, should be a basic machine that is easy to use, reliable and has enough features to make uncomplicated projects.
Quilting Sewing Machines Reviews
Quilting sewing machines are not all the same. Knowing exactly what you need, will help you choose a machine with the right features and the best price.
Refurbished Sewing Machines Can Save You Money
Refurbished sewing machines are often available for late model sewing machines and sometimes are also called reconditioned, remanufactured, or simply factory serviced sewing machines
Sergers and Overlockers
Sergers and overlockers can help you finish your projects professionally. These reviews and tips on how to choose a machine will help you make the right decision about one.
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