Janome Sew Precise

Consumer Digest Best Buy

The Janome Sew Precise sewing machine, a Consumer Digest Best Buy pick, is a good choice for a kids sewing machine, for an adult who is learning to sew, or for a returning sewer.

Simple to operate, this Janome model has many nice features, is relatively inexpensive, and yet has the Janome quality we have come to expect.

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The Sew Precise Janome sewing machine is a full sized sewing machine, not a half or ¾ size machine and it is an electronic sewing machine.

It is a discontinued model and is no longer available through retailers like Amazon, but you can often purchase a used one on sites like Ebay.

Janome Sew Precise Sewing Machine

Photo of a Janome sew precise sewing machine


Entry Level Sewing

With the Janome Sew Precise

Kids sewing machines need to be simple and easy to operate. That’s true for any beginner sewing machine—whether for an adult who is learning to sew for the first time, a returning sewer who might be a little rusty, or for a child’s first sewing machine.

Here are some of the features that make the Janome Sew Precise a good machine for beginners:

  • Stitches – 32 of them. This is definitely NOT a toy!
  • LCD display in English – But, here’s a nice feature–you can also use the LCD in 4 other languages!
  • Electronic speed control – sew as fast, or as slow, as you want to…
  • Needle threader – always nice to have, and not always available on entry level machines.
  • Drop in bobbin – found in more expensive sewing machines. Many sewers find the side-load bobbins to be troublesome.
  • Free arm – helps sew in smaller areas, like sleeves, collars and pants legs.
  • Reverse – you couldn’t live without it for long!
  • Carrying handle
  • Snap on presser feet – a really nice feature for a sewing machine in this price range.

So, if you are looking for a sewing machine for your daughter or granddaughter, if you are just learning to sew, or you are starting to sew again, after years of not sewing, the Janome Sew Precise could be a good choice.

I would even consider one as a backup machine or for simple chores like mending or straight sewing—to take the pressure off my Janome Memory Craft 10000 machine.

The Janome Sew Precise is economy priced, and it has many nice features that are usually seen on more costly models.

Since it has been retired by Janome, it may be hard to find. However, the search will be worthwhile. I don’t think you will be disappointed with the Janome Sew Precise.

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