Brother XL2230

Free Arm Sewing Machine

The Brother XL2230 is a spunky little free arm sewing machine with an attractive price for beginners or for light sewing, crafting, and quilting needs.

The XL2230 is portable and light weight, making it a good choice if you plan to take it to sewing classes or you need to store it in a small space.

The Brother 2230 includes a modest set of basic stitches, and a wider array of stitch functions.

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The free arm Brother XL2230 sewing machine will quickly pay for itself if you do light alterations and repairs, such as pants hemming or button sewing.

The XL-2230 free arm is intended for light use and light duty sewing. As such, this is not the machine to do heavy canvas or lots of denim jeans.

Brother XL2230 Free Arm Sewing Machine

Photo of Brother XL2230 sewing machine

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Brother XL2230 has Fancy Features and Versatility

In spite of its being light and portable, this little sewing machine has a toughness to it. Using the XL-2230, you’ll find it easier than you expect, to stitch through heavier fabrics or multiple layers of fabric. Its hard working feed dogs will even let you hem a new pair of jeans easily.

The Brother XL-2230 has a number of nice features:

  • Basic utility and stretch stitches.
  • The option to get a little fancy with your finishing stitches. The machine includes a handful of decorative and heirloom stitches, but it won’t overwhelm you with a zillion stitches.
  • If you dislike the automatic thread tension on many modern machines, the XL 2230 allows you to set your own tension.
  • A simple four-step button holer
  • Built-in needle threader
  • The machine includes a twin-needle for two-color or reinforced stitching,
  • Snap-on presser feet – compatible with specialty feet that you can purchase separately.
  • Quiet operation – but not as quiet as some machines. In other words, you can use it in a room with other people, but you may have to turn up the TV to hear it over the machine.

 A Brother Sewing Machine With Some Limitations

If you use straight stitches or simple zigzags most of the time, the Brother XL2230 is tough enough to handle your lighter sewing needs, and even some medium-duty or occasional tough stitching projects.

However, it’s no industrial dressmaker. The feed dogs are strong, but if you have very delicate fabrics, you’ll definitely want to protect your fabric with tissue paper, when sewing.

It’s also important to note that Brother machines like the Brother XL2230, tend to be temperamental, especially when dealing with the thread tension.

The Brother XL2230 free arm sewing machine is a budget-priced sewing machine that performs basic sewing functions for your household and crafting needs.

As with any sewing machine, you should follow the directions in the manual carefully, for choosing thread and adjusting the tension, and you will avoid most problems.

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