Elna 9000

Embroidery Sewing Machine

The Elna 9000 embroidery sewing machine has a number of fine features and you may be able to pick one up on the used sewing machine market.

The one caveat to that is that, most 9000 owners find it very hard to part with their sewing machines, so it may be very hard to find one!

The 9000 embroidery sewing machine is Swiss made and it is sturdily constructed of metal. Elna has, indeed produced a quality sewing machine in the 9000.

Noted for its quiet operation, it also has many fine features:

  • Stitches – There are over 100 stitches, and you can control the length and width easily.
    Elna Model 9000 Embroidery Sewing Machine

    Elna 9000 sewing machine.


  • Computerized – but, unlike some newer models with a touch screen, this sewing machine has quite a few buttons. An approach that some prefer.
  • Sewing machine needle centering – When you turn on the machine, the needle automatically centers itself.
  • Memory function – Just punch in the number for each stitch, in order, and your machine will remember the sequence for you.
  • Alphabets – This is an interesting feature. The 9000 lets you stitch letters in italics or bold—just like your computer!
  • Free motion embroidery – This is a feature that some older machines lack. If you like to design your own embroidery and do it free hand, the Elna 9000 is a dream for that activity.
  • Sewing surface – The case becomes the sewing surface, and it’s nice and big.

Users of the 9000 Elna report that the machine does sew like a dream – smoothe, and easily controlled. It is responsive to foot feed and easy to change the stitches for each project.

This Elna sewing machine is made mostly of metal – making it very durable, but a bit heavy. Some users complain of the weight, so, if you plan on taking your new Elna sewing machine to classes, you might want to consider the portability.

Overall, the 9000 ranks well among users. It’s a sturdy machine, made in the late 1980s, with many nice features.

The 9000 is well made, although a bit heavy. It stands out as a gem among used sewing machines.

If you plan to use it at home, as opposed to traveling with it, the 9000 might just be a good choice for you.

Elna machines can be hard to find. Craigslist is one place to check, and Ebay usually has some.



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