Singer Tiny Serger

Singer TS380

The Singer Tiny Serger, the Singer TS380, while tiny as its name indicates, definitely has a place among sergers.

If you are a beginner or will only be using your serger occasionally, this could work for you…

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This inexpensive Singer Tiny Serger sewing machine, while small as sergers go, packs a pretty big wallop.

Its size and weight (only about 5 pounds) make this Singer Tiny Serger a great machine to travel with or to carry to classes or groups. And the TS380 costs only a fraction of the price of its larger cousins.

Singer Tiny Serger TS380 Sewing Machine

Singer Tiny Serger, Singer TS380 serger sewing machine.

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What Can the Singer Tiny Serger Do?

While this Singer Tiny Serger will not be suitable for experienced sergers who use their serger sewing machines daily, it may be just fine for occasional users or for someone who has never had a serger before and wants to try one.

The TS380 is often inexpensive enough that it can be used as a trial serger while you are deciding whether to invest the much larger amount of money necessary for a more professional model.

Later, you might use the TS380 Singer Tiny Serger for quick projects because it’s so easy to set up and use. And it takes such a small amount of storage space, so you can always keep it handy.

The Singer Tiny Serger TS380 will give you finished seams with a nice professional look, sews layers together and will also do blind hemming.

The TS380 is very simple to use, if you read the manual (which is not difficult to understand).

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Points About the Singer Tiny Serger to Consider

While this Singer tiny serger is nice and portable, its sound is not small – the serger tends to be a bit loud.

Another feature that sewers miss is automatic trimming. The TS380 doesn’t include that feature. And while it does well on medium weight fabrics, it does not do as well on delicates.

Lastly, some sewers find the Tiny TS380 difficult to thread. Others say that it just takes a little practice.

So, if you are looking for your first serger, an inexpensive serger to try, or a serger sewing machine for occasional use, you may find the Singer Tiny Serger to be just what you need.

It’s far less expensive than heavier, larger models. It’s very portable and great for small projects or crafts.

If you don’t require professional or heavy duty features, this could just be your serger!

You can purchase the Singer Tiny Serger at Amazon or Ebay (below).

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