Refurbished Sewing Machines

For a Fraction of Retail

Refurbished sewing machines are often available for late model sewing machines and sometimes are also called reconditioned, remanufactured, or simply factory serviced sewing machines.

So what does reconditioned mean? In most cases, reconditioned sewing machines are new machines that were returned by a customer to the store where they bought the sewing machine.

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However, in other cases, the sewing machines have never been sold, but have been returned by a store to the wholesaler or manufacturer. In any case, these sewing machines have been used lightly—or they may never have been used at all! A machine may be returned because:

  • Buyer’s remorse – The customer may change her mind and return the machine.
  • The buyer may try the sewing machine and decide that she just doesn’t like it, for any number of reasons. It is different from her old machine, doesn’t have a favorite feature, is more difficult to operate than her old one, or for any other reason.
  • Cold feet – A customer may decide, after opening the machine, that she really can’t afford it, or she may feel guilty because she didn’t discuss the purchase with her husband.
  • A buyer may not understand the manual, so she just gives up and returns the machine.
  • There is a cosmetic flaw, and the customer wants a perfect sewing machine.

Whether sewing machines are returned the next day after the purchase, or months later, by law the item must now be considered as reconditioned or refurbished sewing machines, and cannot be sold as “new”.

Sometimes all the customer did was open the box, and the machine is still brand new. And sometimes the machine was used briefly, and it may show a small amount of wear.

Because these sewing machines sell for a lot less than a “new sewing machine”, this is a great opportunity for you to buy a discount sewing machine!

Refurbished sewing machines are an opportunity
to get quality sewing machines at discount prices!

Young girl happily sewing on her refurbished sewing machines

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Factory Reconditioned or Refurbished Sewing Machines

Different retailers use slightly different words to describe a factory serviced sewing machine, so you always need to read the description of the machine carefully—especially the warranty!

When a sewing machine is returned to the factory, it is inspected by factory trained technicians and then brand name parts are used to replace any part that is defective.

A reconditioned sewing machine is guaranteed to meet all original specifications and to perform as new. However, it may not look completely new, as the sewing machine may have minor cosmetic blemishes.

A factory serviced product can be sold by the original manufacturer or by a retail outlet that offers a discounted price.

My husband Steve always tries to buy refurbished tools and appliances, as he says they are better than new. He likes the fact that, instead of just coming off the assembly line (new and untested), a refurbished product is tested to make sure that it works and is up to specifications. Steve has never had a problem with a refurbished tool or appliance.

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Benefits of a Refurbished Sewing Machines

Here’s why so many people choose to buy reconditioned sewing machines:

  • Refurbished or reconditioned products maintain high quality standards.
  • Each item is checked for proper working condition and quality. In fact, refurbished or reconditioned goods have a very low rate of return by customers.
  • The price you pay for reconditioned sewing machines is much lower than the retail price.
  • A reputable retailer will guarantee the refurbished or reconditioned item.

So, if you’re planning to buy a sewing machine in the near future, make sure you keep all your options open. (In addition to refurbished sewing machines, you may also want to see what’s available in used sewing machines.)

Read the description of a reconditioned sewing machine carefully to make sure that you understand exactly what you are getting and what kind of warranty the machine has.

Who knows? You just might come across a great deal on refurbished sewing machines–a deal too good to pass up!

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