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High Consumer Reports Ratings

The Janome 6260QC, now discontinued, is still the top of the Janome sewing machine QC line of quilting machines.

The 6260QC has been nicknamed the "quilter's companion", but owners use it for more than just quilting. Its versatility makes it great for sewing garments, home décor and crafts, as well!

Consumer Reports rates the 6260-QC "very good" and "excellent" among quilting sewing machines in independent expert testing of quilting sewing machines.

In addition to the positive ratings from Consumer Reports, the 6260QC has the quality of the Janome name behind it. That gives you two names you can trust, to help in your selection of your home quilting machine.

Janome 6260-QC Quilting Sewing Machine

Janome 6260QC quilting sewing machine

What Do Owners and
Consumer Reports Think?

Reviewers and owners are impressed with the Quilter's Companion line of Janome sewing machines. Most notable on QC quilting machines is the arched worktable, that tilts your quilting and appliqué projects to an optimal angle, keeping your appliques flat and saving your hands some stress.

Here are some of the more notable features:

  • The 6260QC machine-quilting model comes with 60 built-in stitches - mostly targeted for use on machine quilt projects. You’ll find heirloom stitches, 12 satin decorative stitches, blanket stitches, and even a star stitch, which is pretty unique.
  • The automatic needle-threader is a great time-saver and helpful for those over forty who are starting to need reading glasses.
  • There's a push-button right on the front that lets you stop the machine in a needle-up or needle-down position.
  • The QC line of home quilting machines also comes with rave-reviewed extra storage, built right into the machines. You’ll find the usual drawer in the extension table, but there's also extra top storage for your specialty presser feet (the 6260QC comes with 8 different presser feet), and a magnificent slide-out drawer on the side--accessible even when your machine quilt project is in the machine.

Conclusions About the Janome 6260-QC

Even experienced users reported that it took a little time for them to learn how to use the bobbin-winding setup on this Janome sewing machine.

A few reviewers felt intimidated, making the jump from mechanical machines to this computerized Janome sewing machine.

However, those reports could be a reflection of the user's self confidence level. A Janome sewing machine has a reputation for quality performance, and the Janome 6260QC is in the top of its class of quilting sewing machines.

Consumer Reports confirms that consumers embrace this Janome sewing machine as being among the few great quilting machines.


The Janome 6260QC is a discontinued Janome sewing machine model. You may be able to find a used one locally or from Ebay. Some retail dealers of quilting sewing machines may still have floor or demonstration models, but don't be surprised if the 6260QC is hard to find.

If you love machine quilting, the QC line of home quilting machines might just be the Janome sewing machine you have been waiting for...if you can still find one!

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