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The Euro Pro Sewing Machine

Good Value in a Second Hand Machine

The Euro Pro sewing machine, or Shark sewing machine, offers many higher end features, sturdy construction and good value for sewing machines in its price range.

Most reviewers agree that they are also easy to use.

One feature that makes this sewing machine stand out from the crowd, is its sturdy metal construction.

However, even though the Shark sewing machines are sturdy, they are also lighter in weight than many other sewing machines, and they are easy to carry and move around.

Instruction books for the Euro Pro are easy to understand, and reviewers made a point of saying that, if you read the instruction book, the sewing machines are easy to operate. A point well made for any sewing machine!

A few owners have reported that they have had some jamming problems or that the machine gave them "extra loops" in the stitching. And there were some out and out lemons reported. Those were returned to the merchants.

Euro Pro 7500xp Sewing Machine

The 7500xp Craft 'n Sew sewing machine has 42 stitch functions and can sew through multiple layers of fabric, including denim. It also can handle delicate fabrics like silks and rayons.

Euro Pro 7500xp Sewing Machine

The Euro-Pro 7500xp has adjustable stitch lengths, stitch widths and needle positions, and a one-step button-holer.

The machine also has 11 presser feet that do a variety of things—a feature that many owners like.

If you want to take this little machine to class, it has a hard carrying case to keep it safe in transit.

Euro Pro 9105 Sewing Machine

This machine is a computerized sewing machine that is programmable, has an LCD screen, and has memory for 30 stitch functions.

Euro Pro 9105 Sewing Machine

The Euro-Pro 9105 Computer Sewing Machine has 40 built in stitches, a one step buttonholer with 3 styles, and a drop in bobbin. There are a nice variety of stitches, including heirloom, stretch and utility stitches. The 9105 comes with 12 feet.

Again, if you want to take your machine with you, it has a hard carrying case to keep it safe. If you are thinking about a Euro Pro sewing machine, consider the value.

While you may not be getting the high end quality of a Janome sewing machine or a Bernina sewing machine, you are getting good value for the price that you pay.

Euro Pro might be a good choice if you want some flexibility without paying top dollar. And it might be a good choice for your second machine.

These sewing machines are sometimes available on the second-hand market, but no longer available on the current retail market.

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