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Swiss Precision

Swiss made Elna sewing machines have the precision of a Swiss clock, and Elna has earned its reputation among sewing manufacturers since its beginning in 1940.

Since 1940 Elna has produced quality machines like Elna 7200, Elna 945 serger, and Elna 3007 to the awesome Elna 8600.

Even though Elna hasn't been around as long as some of the other sewing machine manufacturers, the company has stood up to the competition, and has produced high quality, high end sewing machines, from its beginning.

Elna's first sewing machine was the Elna #1, introduced in 1940. The Elna #1 was the first compact portable electric sewing machine, and it had a free arm that folded. Instead of the usual drab black, this model was green.

Elna #1, the First Sewing Machine by Elna (1940-1952)

Photo of Elna #1, the first of the Elna Sewing Machines

In 1952, Elna introduced its Elna Supermatic, which featured zigzag stitching and interchangable cams that allowed the sewer to produce different stitches.

Elna Lotus came into production in 1968 and it was another compact sewing machine.

Since then, Elna has continued to produce fine machines: basic mechanical models, high tech computerized models and models to do quilting or embroider.

Here are some popular Elna machines reviews:

Elna 7200 Quilting Machine
Elna 7200
Elna 945 Serger
Elna 945
Elna 9000 Computerized Embroidery Machine
Elna 9000

Today you will find dozens of new machines made by Elna, and many of them are characteristic of their fine Swiss roots, with precision features that are innovative.

You'll find sewing machines for general use, embroidery sewing machines, quilting machines and overlock machines.

However, like many sewing machine manufacturers, the company has also developed a line of cheaper machines, and you should be aware of this when shopping for a new sewing machine.

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