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The Elna 945 is a computerized serger machine with high-end features that set it above the crowd. Its quality and versatility make it a good choice for serious sergers!

The 945 has a large LCD display screen and computerized features that can be updated from time to time, so that your Elna serger will not become and outdated dust collector.

Elna certainly did its homework when it designed these Elna serger sewing machines!

Not only is this top of the line serger computerized, but, just like many of the Elna sewing machines, it also has some pretty nice general sewing machine features.

Elna Model 945 Serger

Photo of Elna 945 serger sewing machine

Features of the 945

Here are some of the most interesting 945 features for this Elna serger:

  • 5/4/3/2 thread overlock - The 5 thread feature is only seen in upper end sergers, and it is used routinely for construction commercially in the garment industry.

  • Stretchability - To get a stretchable stitch, you can choose a 3 thread overlock stitch, a 4 thread overlock stitch or the stretch wrapped stitch.

  • Narrow hem and rolled hem programs - Use these to make lovely, professional looking finished edges on scarves, napkins, tablecloths and ruffles.

  • Flatlock - Without cutting the fabric you can make decorative stripes. Or, use this feature to make sports clothing like sweatsuits. The flatlock can be used on exposed seams.

  • Chainstitch - Use this decoratively or use it for construction.

  • Automatic computerized tensions - a blessing! The “tension window” tells you which tension disc to use and which guides to thread. Automatic tensions are set by moving the program selection dial. If you need to use a special setting, you can over-ride the automatic tensions and set the tensions manually. This feature eliminates the most frustrating aspect of having a serger.

  • Self threading chain and lower loopers

  • Color coded threading paths

  • 24 different types of stitches - 17 stitches are built-in. All the information that you need for the built-in stitches comes up on the display panel. All you need to do is dial the program number, and the automatic tensions will set themselves.

  • Elna PRO cards - These are similar to computer disks and they expand the serger sewing machine's capabilities. Each PRO card has 3 pre-programmed stitches and it also has 3 blank spaces for you to program in your favorite settings.

    By using this feature, the Elna 945 becomes an updatable overlock sewing machine—most important in a world where computers are outdated almost as soon as you buy them!

  • Tilting needle clamp - This feature is exclusive to Elna serger sewing machines. Here's how it works. The clamp that holds the needles actually tilts forward so you can insert new needles into the machine without dropping them into the machine parts below. And you can use the automatic needle threader even when you have the needle clamp tilted.

So, as you can see, the Elna 945 serger sewing machine is quite a nice serger machine.

This well thought out Elna serger has so many fine sewing machine features, and they are appreciated by the most experienced sewers. In addition, I did not find any reviews that pointed out major defects or flaws for this serger machine.

If you are looking for a serger sewing machine, make sure you give this one a good look. It may just be the overlock sewing machine that you have been looking for...

Elna machines are sometimes available on Craigslist if you live near a big city.

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