Bernina 1008

Reliable Mechanical Sewing Machine

The Bernina 1008, not quite as popular as the Bernina 830 , is still a reliable and inexpensive choice for an entry level mechanical sewing machine.

The Bernina 1008 is sturdy and has some higher end features usually found in more expensive sewing machines.

Constructed of solid metal, these Bernina sewing machines have stood up to the abuse of home economics classes in schools, for years.

Because they are made of solid metal, they are also heavier than some of the newer sewing machines on the market. And, depending on your intended use, that may or may not be an issue for you.

Bernina 1008 sewing machine

Bernina 1008 sewing machine

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Features of the
Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine

Here are some of the features for this Bernina 1008:

  • 16 practical and decorative stitches – The choice of stitches gives you more flexibility than a sewing machine that just does straight and reverse stitching. If this is your first sewing machine, the selection of stitches will give you a little room to grow!
  • Sturdy metal construction – able to handle years of use. And parts, if you need them, are readily available for this model.
  • Feed dog can drop – Not everything that you sew will require automatic feeding of the fabric. For example, dropping the feed dog allows you to do mending, free hand embroidery or free motion quilting.
  • Accessory box – This is not a feature that I would have considered to be important. But, a number of reviewers mentioned really liking this. The accessory box slides onto the free arm and gives you a larger working area.
  • Good quality stitches – not always found in the less expensive machines.
  • Buttonholes – on the plus side, many entry level machines don’t make buttonholes. This one makes them, in 6 steps. It has a dial that walks you through the steps, but a number of reviewers did not like the buttonholer.

Features Reviewers Do Not Like about the Bernina 1008

  • Many reviewers preferred a one step buttonholer.
  • The top thread can break at times.
  • There is no adjustable presser foot – although a beginning sewer might not care.
  • No automatic needle threader – You have to thread the needle manually. A small inconvenience, but it can take time.
  • The sewing machine is heavy – You can’t have solid metal construction and also have an ultra light machine. This model would be heavy to carry to classes.
  • Noisy – Some reviewers noted that the Bernina 1008 can be noisy and has a tendency to vibrate when you sew at a fast speed.

If you are looking for a nice backup sewing machine or a beginner sewing machine, the Bernina 1008 might just fit the bill for you.

It has a few minor inconveniences, but it has great value for the price. And the 1008 is a quality Bernina sewing machine that you can grow into—for quilting, crafts and making your own fashionable clothing.

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