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A Bernina serger gives you noteworthy Bernina quality that we have come to expect.

And, you can choose from beginner sergers like the Bernina 009DCC, Bernina 800DL or Bernina 700D or choose top of the line Bernina 1300DC, made for experienced sewers.

Beginner Sergers

If your new serger will be your very first serger, or if you will only be using your overlock sewing machine for a limited number of projects or crafts, you might consider purchasing a less expensive, simpler model serger such as:

  • Bernina 009DCC - This beginner serger has just 2 stitches, a coverstitch and a chainstitch. Both are used in making clothing for the garment industry, and, in addition, you could also use this simple machine for making home decorations, drapes or curtains and also for crafts. It can also sew decorative stitches on fabric.

    Bernina 009DC serger

    Bernina 009dc, serger, for beginners

  • Bernina 800DL - This Bernina serger is another entry level serger. It is one of the more affordable sergers on the market, and it will cut, sew and finish edges on your project – in one pass! Use this overlock machine on various fabrics, ranging from fine silks and satins to denim, fleece and stretchy fabrics.
  • Bernina 700D - This Bernina overlock is easy to use on all kinds of fabric. Like many more expensive sergers , the 700D has a differential feed. This helps to keep your seams smooth and flat. The 700D also has a built in rolled hem. All you have to do to use this feature is flip a switch!

Advanced Sergers by Bernina

Of course, if you are an experienced sewer who will be using your new serger frequently, you may require more features! Bernina makes sergers that offer some very nice upscale features.

The most popular model in this class is the Bernina 1300DC. Once you get the hang of using this nice machine, you'll find it easy to use and you'll love it! Here are some of the features that you can expect with this serger:

  • The feature that sets this serger sewing machine apart is its patented swing out presser foot. Swing the presser foot over to the side, and you will find that it is easy to change the needles or thread the needles.

    Bernina patented swing out presser foot

    Bernina swing out presser foot

  • The Bernina 1300 has an automatic lower looper threading system—a really nice feature, as well.

  • Differential Feed - Prevents knits from stretching while you sew and also prevents puckering of most woven fabrics.

  • Rolled Hem Function - This is nice because you don't have to change out the presser foot or coverplate. All you do is flip a lever.

  • LCD Screen - Choose the stitch that you want to use (#1-24) and the screen will show you what it will look like. It also will show you the proper settings to choose, eliminating mistakes in calculations.

The only negative reviews that I've seen said that it takes a bit of time to switch back and forth between cover stitch and overlock functions, the machine goes fast and is hard to keep slow (nice if you like to go fast), and it does not have a belt looper or binder foot.

All in all, the Bernina 1300dc is a pretty nice serger machine. It has a high price tag, around $1800, but, despite this, most experienced sewers agree that it is a great value.

If you are in the market for sergers, don't overlook the possibility of getting a Bernina serger. Noted for their quality, Bernina offers a range of overlock machines, ranging from true beginner level to the advanced Bernia 1300dc.

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