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Two of Them?

Two Bernina 830 Sewing Machines! The Bernina Record 830, all time best seller, and the newly released 830, Series 8.

BOTH 830 machines are very popular and both have high quality and great features!

I'm confused. Why would Bernina name a new sewing machine the same as one of their older models? Beats me. But they did—and their newest 830 has created excitement in the sewing market!

Photo of the Bernina 830 embroidery sewing machine.

The new 830 Bernina, series 8, embroidery sewing machine

This lovely machine is a dream come true! Here are some of the most exciting features:

  • Great work space - This Bernina embroidery machine has twice the work space of a standard sewing machine and more than any other sewing machine (including top of the line embroidery sewing machines).

    The 830 has a 15 inch extended arm and a full 12 inches to the RIGHT of the needle. If you include the embroidery module, the 830 is 40 inches long!

    And, if you like, you can purchase the optional 16” x 10” (400 x 260 mm) jumbo hoop for embroidery.

  • Speed - The 830 rivals sergers for speed. When it first hit the market, it was the fastest home sewing machine on the market, soaring along at 1100 stitches per minute!

    The 830 does embroidery at 1000 stitches per minute, while competitors' embroidery machines embroider at only 765 stitches per minute.

    However, if you are not a speed demon, you can customize the speed, using a control on the front of the sewing machine, so that you feel more comfortable.

  • Smooth - While the 830 is fast, it doesn't vibrate or make noise. It hums along at top speed, and it gives you flawless stitching.

  • Jumbo bobbin - This big bobbin holds 40% more thread. Experienced sewists know that it's such a waste of time to keep stopping in the middle of a project to fill the bobbin. This feature keeps you sewing longer. The bobbin is easy to fill, and you don't even have to remove your project to take it out and fill it!

    Accessories for the 830 from Amazon.

  • Stitch control - This feature allows multi-directional sewing and any length or width stitches. When you get the stitches that you like, you can place them in the 830's memory.

  • Dual feed - If you work with slippery fabrics or multiple layers, you will appreciate this feature. And velvet. Have you ever sewn velvet? It can be a blister! The dual feed will make these projects easy.

    And, of course, if you'd like, you can also purchase the Bernina walking foot (great for quilting) to extend the use of this great machine.

  • Automatic threading - Nice—and easy!

  • Thread delivery system - Holds small, medium and large cones.

  • Touch screen - A full 7 inch touch screen with brilliant high definition graphics and vivid colors! The screen responds to touch, and it has easy to read icons.

While the old Bernina Record 830 remains popular and still is a nice sewing machine, Bernina has outdone themselves with this new Bernina 830 sewing machine.

The 830 sewing machine was first introduced in 1971, and today, for all-purpose sewing, it's still one of the most popular models to look for in both the used and new markets. Chances are, if you find someone who purchased an 830 in the 1970's, they are still sewing on it today.

Today's Bernina 830 is a computerized Bernina embroidery sewing machine marvel, while earlier Bernina 830 models were less specialized. The 8 Series, however, are still computerized sewing machines, rather than specialized embroidery machines.

Bernina only manufactures a few thousand of each new model, so if you are shopping online for a used "Bernina 830" be sure you understand how old the machine is, and whether or not it's mechanical, computerized, or an embroidery sewing machine.

Vintage Bernina 830's will be mechanical machines, rather than today's computerized ones.

As always, Bernina asked its customers what they wanted—and they listened to what their customers said. They have produced a fine, precision, high quality Bernina sewing machine--that even the most experienced of sewers will love and enjoy!

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