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The Bernina 730

An Outstanding Embroidery
Sewing Machine

The Bernina 730 is a great choice, whether for sewing, quilting or embroidering.

High-end features make this Bernina embroidery machine one of the best sewing machines for experienced sewers and beginners, alike.

While the Bernina Artista 730E is definitely an investment, both entry level sewers and experienced sewers love this machine and appreciate its features.

Picture of the Bernina 730e embroidery sewing machine.

Bernina embroidery sewing machine, 730e

Rated highly by sewing machine reviews, the Artista 730e has several sewing features that were reviewers especially liked:

  • BSR – the Bernina Stitch Regulator - This is actually a presser foot that allows you to do free motion quilting and ensures uniform stitch length, even at variable sewing speeds. The stitch regulator (the 730’s presser foot) can even sew zigzag stitches.

    By the way, reviewers felt that changing the presser feet was easy on the Artista 730e and that there was a nice selection of presser feet.

    The stitch regulator can be used in place of the stippling stitch feature, that is offered by sewing machines made by other manufacturers.

    Bernina 730e stitch regulator

    Picture of Bernina 730 stitch regulator

  • Large Color Touch Screen - easy to use and has self explanatory features. You can adjust the brightness – a nice feature for the Bernina Artista, especially if you use your sewing machine in different locations with different lighting.

    The 730 Bernina Color touch screen

    Picture of the Bernina 730 color touch screen.

  • Favorite Function Button - You can use the touch screen for this function. Store information about YOUR favorite function for the Artista 730 here, so that it is always available quickly, without reprogramming.

    Favorite function button on the 730.

    Picture of Bernina favorite function feature

  • Thread Cutter - the threads are automatically cut off after you finish embroidering a color in a design. Also, you can cut both upper and bobbin threads when sewing, darning, or quilting, by pushing the button (with the scissors) on the Bernina 730.

    Artista 730E Thread Cutter

    Picture of Bernina 730 thread cutter

  • Quiet Operation - Reviewers reported that the Artista 730e purrs like a kitten, running very quietly and smoothly.

List price for the Artista 730 is $7999, pretty stout if this will be your first sewing machine. In addition, if you plan to buy designing software for your embroidery machine, it can get pretty expensive, running about $2000.

Everyone purchases a sewing machine with different goals and needs in mind. Even if you are just beginning to sew, and if your philosophy is to buy the best machine possible and not have to upgrade later, this might be the embroidery sewing machine for you!

If you are experienced sewer, make sure you give this sewing machine a good look. And, of course, make sure you compare it to the other fine machines on the market.

All in all, the Bernina 730 is a high quality sewing machine. It has some excellent features, and, if it is within your budget, it will certainly be in the running for your sewing machine selection!

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